Wright Satellite Connections provide leading edge mobile satellite communication solutions to defence, maritime, civil defence and other organisations for their use around the world.

Our strength is providing end to end solutions covering, hardware, air time connections, training, peripherals such as encryption, after sales care and replacement units in case of a unit failure.

Wrights is the leading distributor of Iridium products and services in New Zealand. In order to offer the best remote area and mobile communications solutions to our clients, we have alliances with major global satellite airtime providers, and are the NZ distributor for communications equipment manufacturers like Thrane & Thrane, Sailor/SP Radio and others.

Wrights is the only accredited and registered Inmarsat Service Provider (ISP) operating a Point of Service Activation (PSA) for Inmarsat. PSA can accept and process applications for Inmarsat satellite telephones or Mobile Earth Stations (MES) as they are called, service activations, assign Inmarsat Mobile Numbers, and to transmit customer service activation information to Inmarsat and the appropriate national bodies.

This role is similar to that previously provided by the Routing Organisation. So even if we didn’t sell you a satellite telephone we can have your satellite phone working for you promptly.

Mobile satellite communications becomes essential when operating outside cellular and/or radio coverage areas. In certain parts of the world, even with cellular and radio communications available, mobile satellite communications becomes a more economical method for voice and data transmissions.

Mobile satellite units do not rely on terrestrial infrastructure for transmission and is ideal for use by security forces relief and peace organizations, broadcasters, transport and shipping companies around the globe.

At Wrights we work with all major global and regional, mobile, satellite service providers such as Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya.

Our approach is based upon economic developments that respect our own staff, our neighbours, the communities in which we operate, as well as our customers. We do this whilst ensuring that we minimise the impact on the environment and do all that is possible to safeguard it for future generations. Please click here to see our social responsibility statement.


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